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Hello.  My name is Robert McCune.  Welcome to this Ranch Country Website. The photo gallery* in here consists of carefully selected images of art gallery quality.  My main objective with the camera when in-the-field is to find subjects that convey a sense of the remote isolation and hard work of ranch life and its connection to the land itself. Endurance and vast distances, with a barn and corrals or a solitary windmill or a long ago abandoned ranch house as the focal point.


*Please note: I have removed the Ranch Country and the Columbia River photos from this website, and am now using my gallery in the Internet's Yessy Photo Gallery to display all my for-sale photos.  Was getting too complicated to have them in both sites, and the Yessy Art Gallery is easier to view the photos and to arrange for purchases.


Included in Episode format are backroad adventures I've made through Ranch Country of the American West with my wife, Maggie.  We travel in an Econoline work van that has been converted to living conditions: an extended top, bunks, fridge, etc.  Additional backroad adventures will be added to the site as they occur.  I will be 83 in July this year (2014) so Maggie and I are making only two back road trips a year now.   


Click on The Books in the left-hand Menu and you'll be taken to a description of GUARDIANS OF THE LAND, an account of the seven and a half months Maggie and I spent visiting several ranches while living in the converted work van we call SHADOW CATCHER.  (35,500 words and 42 photographs).


A second book is a memoir of the eight months I served in Korea during the early phases of that war; THE HILLS AROUND US: KOREA 1950-1951.  You may purchase these two books in hard copy.    


In The Photos category you'll find my Faces of a Powwow; photos of Native American dancers taken over a period of three years at the annual Gathering of Nations Powwow in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  

Note:  Many of you on-line viewers already know this, but text in a website can be made larger simply by going to VIEW in your Desk Top Tool Bar, and then Zooming in one or two times.